Throw a Pie in Our Face

pie in the face Well, not literally, but you can join the fun!

Here’s how…

During the month of September, we are raising awareness and funds for the Alzheimer’s Association. Throughout the month, we will have cans on our front tables with photos of our Staffing Coordinators, Business Development Consultants, and the office bosses. Come by and put money (coins or cash) in the can of the person you would like to see pegged with a pie in the face. The best part: whichever employee (in each office) earns the most money will earn a pie thrown in their face by our boss.

CansForPieAnd the other best part: all monies raised will be donated to the Alzheimer’s Association!

Be sure to come by soon and vote for your favorite Quality Employment Service employee. We can’t wait to see who wins, how much money we raise, and video the pies flying to share on our Facebook pages at the end of the month!

So much fun! We are glad we can do this to support such a great cause that helps those fighting Alzheimer’s and dementia. #EndAlz #GoPurple