Staffing And Recruitment Solutions

Temporary, temp-to-hire, direct hire staffing and more!

What Problems Do You Need To Solve?

Talent shortages? Tight production deadlines? Unpredictable demand? The recruiters at Quality Employment Service can help you build a flexible team that can keep up with whatever each day brings. From last-minute fill-ins to critical leadership roles to strategies to reduce hiring or employment risks, we can help you meet your toughest challenges head-on.  

If you need to fill temporary, temp-to-hire, or direct hire positions in Georgia, we have two offices ready to help you find the right administrative or manufacturing candidates.  


Temporary Staffing Services 

Temporary staffing gives you the flexibility to roll with the ups and downs of business. You can easily: 

  • Ramp up quickly for growth opportunities 
  • Add specialized skills as needed 
  • Fill in for leaves or absences 
  • Avoid burnout and excess overtime 

Temp-To-Hire Staffing 

Our temp-to-hire staffing agency can show you the benefits of this option. They include:  

  • Evaluating an employee on the job before committing to a full-time hire 
  • Saving time and money and avoiding making a “wrong hire” 
  • Ensuring they fit in with the team and your company culture 
  • Improving retention by allowing them to experience the work environment firsthand 

Direct Hire Recruiting

Shorten your time and cost to hire. Quality Employment Service can handle the legwork for you. Your advantages:

  • Less time spent screening resumes 
  • Critical vacancies are filled faster 
  • Easier to reach in-demand passive candidates 
  • Access to a broader talent pool 

Payrolling Service

Place the employees you choose on our payroll. As employer of record, we take care of all the administrative details, so you can focus on other priorities.

  • Let us manage paycheck distribution, tax withholding and benefits 
  • Reduce risk, liability, and compliance exposure 
  • Eliminate worry about workers’ compensation and unemployment claims 
  • Avoid administrative headaches and co-employment risks 

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