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I wanted to say thank you to you (Dusty) and your team for all the help y’all have provided me these past few months. It has made the job hunting process a lot easier! 

You and the rest of Quality Employment are great, y’all play an important role in Tifton. 

 Warm regards,  Sam Dorminey 

I wanted to say thank you…

Quality Employment Service was a great experience.  Being fairly new to the area, the staff was friendly and very helpful in narrowing down the jobs appropriate for my skills and had a wide variety of available jobs. I was able to get a full time job in a very short time and have been going strong in my career for over 3 years now, thanks to their services.

I would definitely recommend using Quality Employment Service

Zac Sperry

5 Star!!! QES helped my husband get his job almost 13 years ago! He has moved up with his company and now runs one of their locations!! Thank you for all you have done for us! QES employees and owners are great people who care!!! 

Shane Gutierrez

As a former employee with Quality Employment Services, I’d highly recommend them and would, in fact, use them again should I find myself out of a job. They got me to work within a week of my application being filled out, and I’ve been with that company ever since. They did a good job of matching my skills to an open position with a local company. 

Job Seeker

The people I spoke with for preemployment from application to interview were awesome! The lady who interviewed me didn’t even find me to be a difficult applicant when I explained that I was only interested in certain work and not interested in anything else! I felt it was an exceptional interview, and I haven’t interviewed in 10 years! 

Andrea Lotak

I like them. They blessed me with a job as soon as possible. They also kept me in part-time work as much as possible…thumbs up!!! 

Marshall Randall