Convert Your Military Experience into a Civilian Resume

As a veteran-owned and operated company, we know the value in our military veterans and the quality experience that they can bring to potential civilian employers. We take pride in putting our veterans to work.

us-flag-and-soldier-1-1 When converting your military experience into a resume fit for civilian life, it’s important to remember to:

– List your specific skills (labor and/or clerical) and trades that you learned during your military career

– Highlight your leadership, teamwork, discipline, and hard work

– Tie your experience to the career you are pursuing in the civilian world; use the job description to give you ideas of the wording used by your potential employer – use those same words on your resume to describe your background in their terms

– Use a resume template online for a clean, easy-to-read layout; some tools and information you learned from your TAP class may be helpful

As a veteran, you have extensive experience that can help you land the career you desire. Your disciplined work ethic can open opportunities for advancement and promotion if you put the effort into creating your resume, learning how to interview well, and believing you have the skills and knowledge to add value to an organization.

You may also consider networking through social media, such as the over 250 veteran-related groups on LinkedIn, as well as groups through Facebook and Twitter. You never know how a connection could lead to an opportunity. Of course, we have worked with clients who are very interested in candidates with military backgrounds. Be sure you come to our office to speak with a Staffing Coordinator about our current job openings that may be a fit with your prior military experience.

Here are a few specific social networking groups you may be interested in joining:

The Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health and TBI Twitter Feed

National Resource Directory Facebook Page

(Article taken from our July 2016 newsletter. Read all articles here.)