Our Freedom To Work

ProudToBeAnAmericanPhoto The Founding Fathers of this country, as they were avoiding capture and imprisonment, were creating the opportunities for the freedoms that we have today. As future Presidents Thomas Jefferson and John Adams joined John Hancock in signing our Declaration of Independence, they established a capitalist economy that allows our citizens the right to pursue private ownership of production for a profit. It also led to employment opportunities for the people who were not owners of businesses. The free-market became established and helped this country thrive and grow. It’s because of individual business owners and their companies bringing employment to their communities that our economy increased and people were able to find freedom and joy in their work.

Today, we still run on a capitalist system with communities of people joining together as the backbone of this country in industrial, manufacturing, agricultural, retail, and corporate environments. As business owners pursue growth and profit in their companies, they create jobs for more people to keep their production increasing. This helps the business, its employees, the economy, and the community.

As we continue to celebrate our independence this month, let us remember to be thankful for the career opportunities we’ve been given in this country because of the innovation and creativity of our Founding Fathers. Be grateful for your job, your business, and the chance to pursue what you enjoy doing while getting paid for it.

(Article taken from our July 2016 newsletter. Read the rest of the articles here.)